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Our Approach?

Typically Van Laere! Together with partners on the same wavelength, we work on your project from A to Z.

Thanks to the dedication of our extensive team of experts in the calculation and development phase, we are happy to work on the optimisation of your project.

Standing still is going backwards … a well-known slogan, for which we’re at Van Laere very vigilant! We like to put our teeth into challenging projects, embrace new techniques, technologies and sustainability.

We like to think along with you about ‘building tomorrow’

Aldermen Joost Arents, POLICE NINOVE
(...) An example of how we should continue to work in the future; without delays and within budget! Congratulations!

Customer Support

Do you want to set up a residential real estate project, but making sure the buyers get their tailor-made finish is not your cup of tea? Then call on our customer service. Our driven and experienced team ensures that each of your buyers gets exactly the finish he wants.

A Valarian BIM kamer

The introduction of the BIM model was a real game changer in construction, also in our company. From now on we translate projects into a 3D model. In that model, we also pour all the information during the various construction phases. In doing so, we respond even faster, more adequately and proactively to potential problems. The result? The projects which we deliver are more sustainable and passive construction is also our thing.

An own engineering’s office

Our project leaders and their teams are more than happy to put their teeth into your building project. The key to our success? The perfect mix of know-how, drive and teamwork. Our calculation and execution service can go to our own company office for support. Purchasers, stability engineers, draftsmen, engineers specialised in planning & methods, surveyors, experts in technology, … All of them are in our team.

Patrick, BIM Manager
It is common knowledge that BIM is the future within the construction industry. It is a fast evolving train on which we've jumped in to completely and that makes contemporary building insanely interesting and challenging!
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