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Ingenieursbureau Eddy Henskens
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Building of flats and city houses


Building of 37 flats and 3 city houses with parking spaces.


Date order 20-03-2007
Date subscription 26-01-2007
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 01-04-2007
Delivery 01-08-2008

Technical description

Building A - Main building: ground floor with commercial units
Building C - D: city houses
Green space between both buildings
The adjoining building Fabiola is being renovated and built over
An underground car park, distributed over two buildings above ground.

Building physical data

Foundation: partly on bored piles and partly on foundation pits
Underground car park: concrete structure, prefab concrete panels and prestressed vaulting
Superstructure: concrete structure and slabs in prestressed vaulting

Building A: above ground 15 x 55 m
ground floor and 5 floors
roof at level +20.85
Building C-D: above ground 14.5 x 33.5 m
ground floor and 2 floors
roof at level +9.23
Underground car park of approx. 2.600 m²

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