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Zenith – Regatta Zenith – Regatta Zenith – Regatta Zenith – Regatta

Zenith – Regatta

Antwerp (Linkeroever)

New apartments including car park


Construction of 44 luxury apartments on the outskirts of Galgenweel.
Ground floor car park (for 48 cars) and commercial spaces (3).


Date order 18-06-2011
Date subscription 01-06-2011
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 03-10-2011
Delivery 11-12-2013

Technical description

Ground floor car park on pile foundations: 2.752 m²
2 building volumes of several floors, flat roofs, aluminium exterior joinery, solar resistant sliding panels.
Closed carcassing.

Building physical data

Total surface:9.167 m²
Number of levels:ground floor + 8 levels
Car park:2.752 m²
Concrete:3.755 m³
Steel:11 tonnes
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