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New-build service flats


This is a new cross-shaped brick building that will function as service flats with care facilities intended for life-long residency. 2 wings with 5 floors and 2 wings with 4 floors with a flat roof and technical cellar. At the centre point of the building, two floors will be added as a connection and in-between unit between the 2 parts of the building, each with 2 wings. An underground parking is planned between the long wing and the existing pastor’s house.


Date order 04-07-2013
Date subscription 04-03-2013
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 07-10-2013
Delivery 07-02-2013

Technical description

Foundation on piles and built up on a foundation slab with concrete walls, columns and beams and intermediate flooring of precast concrete slabs and plinth. Cellar level will function in part as underground parking. The underground level will also have a number of technical corridors and crawl space. Connection to the existing building will be supported. Building excavation will be carried out partly with soldier pile walls and partly with sloping ground works.

Building physical data

Total surface:12.267 m²
Number of levels:8
Parking:2.644 m²
Excavation:16.124 m³
Concrete:5.346 m³
Reinforcement:729 tonnes
Formwork:14.993 m²
Water sealing layers:2.458 m²
Glazing:2.177 m³
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