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Renovation into Office and Trade complex


Renovation of an existing warehouse, involving stripping the structure, taking down the roof
and subsequently reconstructing the building. The project will include commercial, office and residential units.


Date order 09-03-2011
Date subscription 17-11-2010
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 14-03-2011
Delivery 13-09-2012

Technical description

The works involve extensive demolition works, both for architectural and stability purposes and facade bracing will be required. Specific points of attention include the elements to be maintained, such as the cornice.
Foundation techniques: micropiles and lower timbering Carcassing: new floor sheets supported by columns and prefab terraces.
The roof consists of a new metal and wooden structure, covered with ordinary tiling analogous to the current situation.
Technical works performed by subcontractor.
Wooden and steel exterior joinery to be carried out.
Facade restoration.

Building physical data

Total surface:5.500 m²
Gross volume:23.100 m³
Number of levels:5
Demolition works:23.100 m³
Concrete:760 m³
Reinforcement:61 tonnes
Steel:55 tonnes
Micropiles:56 pcs
Formwork:3.558 m²
Floors:1.100 m²
Roof cladding:1.150 m²
Plastering:2.898 m²
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