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Construction of a maintenance hangar and offices


Construction of a maintenance hangar for airplanes, with accompanying areas and offices at the Brussels Airport site.
Construction at the same location as the former H40 building, which was destroyed in a fire in May 2006.
Integration and consolidation of the existing cellar into the new construction.


Date order 23-12-2011
Date subscription 21-10-2011
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 16-07-2012
Delivery 15-01-2014

Technical description

columns + post-tensioned concrete beams as main carriers of the roof; roof construction with lattice works and steel + steel deck.
cellar is made of concrete poured on site. Super structure
is made of prefab and calcium silicate stone.
Execution: Building carcass building wind- and watertight.
Total surface: 24.200 m²

Building physical data

Vaulting and TT elements:11.000 m²
Steel:700 tonnes
Formwork:10.000 m²
Brickwork:1.600 m³
Prefab walls:600 m²
Floors:9.000 m²
Roof cladding:10.500 m²
Plastering:12.000 m²
Steel deck:6.700 m²
Cladding:10.000 m²
Fire-resistant cladding:1.850 m²
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