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Crepain B. Architecture nv

Study team:

Ingenieursbureau Jan Van Aelst bvba
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New build with underground parking


Construction of an open carcass to be used as a day care centre with service flats on the upper levels, care facilities and underground parking.


Date order 02-04-2013
Date subscription 15-02-2013
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 06-05-2013
Delivery 06-02-2014

Technical description

Foundation on piles and built up on a foundation slab with concrete walls, columns and beams an intermediate flooring of precast concrete slabs and plinth. Cellar level will function as underground parking.

Building physical data

Total surface:13.323 m²
Number of levels:Ground floor + 11
Parking:2.595 m²
Excavation:9.491 m³
Concrete:6.661 m³
Reinforcement:685 tonnes
Formwork:13.560 m²
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