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New construction of office building Ernst en Young


Office building consisting of 3 levels underground, a ground floor and 5 floors above ground + a technical floor.
Total surface: 23.100 m²
461 parking spaces.


Date order 16-04-2007
Date subscription 08-02-2007
Executed by 50 % Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv 50 % Democo
Start 07-05-2007
Delivery 29-08-2008

Technical description

Underground: basement walls and pillars cast on site, with prefab blocks and vaulting.
Above ground: pillars cast on site, prefab beams and prestressed vaulting
All cores are carried out with centre walls and prefab concrete panels.
Foundation: piles shaped in ground with foundation soles on top.

Building physical data

Concrete:6.918 m³
Reinforcement:578 ton
Polished floors:12.315 m²
Compression layers:14.236 m²
Vaulting:24.235 m²
Steel constructions:27.683 kg
Raised floor / carpet:12.200 m²
Roof waterproofing bitumen:5.050 m²
Outside wall carpentry:5.917 m²
Natural stone: 2.891 m²
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