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Stedec nv
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Longitude – Regatta

Antwerp (Linkeroever)

New construction


Construction of 6 building volumes of 106 apartments, 11 commercial spaces and 2 underground car parks for 67 and 74 cars.


Date order 01-07-2011
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 01-08-2011
Delivery 07-01-2013

Technical description

Underground parking: 5.872 m²
Concrete pit on pile foundations.
Apartment buildings of several floors with load-bearing brickwork.
Flat roofs.
Brickwork facade.
Aluminium exterior joinery.

Building physical data

Total surface:13.937 m²
Number of levels:8
Car park:5.872 m²
Excavation:15.179 m³
Concrete:8.785 m³
Reinforcement:668 tonnes
Steel:46,5 tonnes
Piles:513 pcs
Formwork:14.324 m²
Floors:5.872 m²
Roof cladding:5.800 m²
Glazing:2.871 m²
Gyproc:326 m²
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