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Lex 2000


New construction of office building


Office building with 15 floors above ground and 5 underground, including technics, finishing and exterior constructions (private and public) and the maintenance of the technical installations for a period of 12 months after completion.


Date order 13-10-2003
Date subscription 23-04-2003
Executed by 25% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv 25% De Waele 25% Interbuild 12,5% M. Delens 12,5% Van Rymenant
Start 12-01-2004
Delivery 03-09-2008

Technical description

- Realisation of a watertight pit with diaphragm walls up to a depth of 40 m
- Realisation of steel pillars grounded on barrettes and piles up to level -2
- Realisation of floor plate -2 and then excavation in "Stross"
- Underground levels cast on site
- Central core with climb frame, curtain façade
- HVAC : heating through fan coils lowered ceilings : aluminium cassettes + fire screens
- Raised floors
- Top structure : prefab beams, pillars and vaulting

Building physical data

Excavation in 50.000 m³
Diaphragm walls:11.685 m²
Barrettes and piles:100 pcs
Reinforced steel:9.300 tonnes
Concrete on site:22.750 m³
Vaulting:36.700 m²
TT + beams:7.517 m²
Transparant façade:18.000 m²
Raised floors:37.000 m²
Tiling:15.200 m²
Brickwork:37.500 m²
Total surface:82.770 m²
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