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Ir-Arch Yo Quisquater
Les Peupliers Les Peupliers Les Peupliers

Les Peupliers

Rest and nursing home with service flats


Construction of a closed carcass (wind and watertight) that will function as a rest and nursing home with service flats.


Date order 20-12-2012
Date subscription 05-12-2012
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 21-01-2013
Delivery 21-11-2013

Technical description

Foundation on piles and built up on a foundation slab with bearing brickwork/concrete walls- columns and beams and vaulting to support intermediate flooring. Façade will be finished with a combination of façade brickwork, wood façade cladding and glass surfaces. Flat roofs with bituminous finishing.

Building physical data

Total surface:10.066 m²
Gross volume:31.205 m³
Number of levels:4
Surface per level:Ca. 2.516 m²
Excavation:6.573 m³
Concrete:2.208 m³
Reinforcement:147 tonnes
Vaulting & TT elements:8.566 m²
Steel:7 tonnes
Piles:182 pieces
Formwork:7.463 m²
Water sealing layers:2.919 m²
Brickwork:726 m³
Glazing:1.600 m²
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