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Arcade Concept Engineering
Kanaalpark Cantecleer Kanaalpark Cantecleer Kanaalpark Cantecleer Kanaalpark Cantecleer

Kanaalpark Cantecleer


New development


Lot 3, new building project of 69 apartments, offices and catering facilities in Vilvoorde


Date order 15-12-2009
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 01-03-2010
Delivery 03-09-2012

Technical description

New development of 69 apartments with 1 underground floor with car park.
The ground floor will accommodate a catering facility with a partly covered car park: a 3,000m² hardwood public square on top will form the centre of the 7 apartment floors that will be built around it.
Total surface:14.000 m²
Apartments + catering:9.400 m²
Car park:4.680 m²
Gross volume:45.100 m³
Total floors:8
Max. span:8 m
Free height:2,4 m

Building physical data

Surface per level:3.500 - 1.250 m²
Excavation:6.363 m³
Concrete:6.135 m³
Reinforcement:621,3 ton
Vaulting and TT elements:3.100 m²
Steel:267 ton
Piles (secant):304 pcs
Formwork:30.146 m²
Brickwork:263 m³
elevators:7 pcs
Floors:6.205 m²
Roofing:3.850 m²
Plastering:11.000 m²
Gyproc walls:8.500 m²
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