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K in Kortrijk – Sint Janspoort

Shopping mall with underground parking


– Shopping mall 50.000 m².
– Underground parking 1.250 places on 4 underground levels.
– 21 flats.


Date order 26-06-2007
Executed by 50% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv 50% Van Roey
Start 03-09-2007
Delivery 30-03-2010

Technical description

Development project, consisting of a shopping centre of approx. 50.000 m², car parks distributed over 4 underground levels with access to and from the public highways and in total approx. 1.250 parking spaces and 21 flats, located in Kortrijk in Sionstraat, Steenpoort, Wijngaardstraat, Sint-Jansstraat and Kleine Sint-Jansstraat. In addition, a high-rise with commercial units on the ground and first floors and 20 flats distributed over 8 levels on the land between Veemarkt and Twaalf Apostelenstraat.

Building physical data

- Demolition work
- Groundwork
- Asbestos decontamination
- Soil decontamination
- Sewerage works
- Diaphragm walls for excavation (4 underground levels)
- Tunnel construction according to Stross method.
- Underground levels carried out according to Stross method.
- Concrete structure construction:
- Outside wall panels of architectural concrete, natural stone, brickwork and wall covering
- Outside wall carpentry of aluminium, steel and wood
- Waterproofing via hot roof and dome principle

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