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Construction of a carcass


Construction of a carcass, wind and watertight, including wet finishing, in which 44 apartments will be created.


Date order 02-06-2013
Date subscription 15-03-2013
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 02-09-2013
Delivery 02-01-2015

Technical description

Foundation on piles and built on a foundation slab with concrete walls, silicate as bearing brickwork, columns and beams and intermediate flooring of precast concrete slabs and plinth. Cellar level will function as underground parking, but is above ground. Only part of the crawl space, the lift shafts and the sewers will be constructed underground.

Building physical data

Total surface:7.172 m²
Number of levels:6
Parking:667 m²
Demolition work:300 m³
Excavation:2.144 m³
Concrete:2.292 m³
Reinforcement:338 tonnes
Vaulting & TT elements:1.027 m²
Formwork:5.302 m²
Water sealing layers:1.476 m²
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