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Goed Arthur

Goed Arthur


Construction of a multifunctional project


Construction of a rest and nursing home in an urban area with an underground parking garage and 6 floors above ground. The appointed works are a closed carcass (including façade plaster, exterior woodwork and part of the interior brickwork).

This regards 30 service flats and 198 rest house rooms.


Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 16-01-2012
Delivery 08-02-2013

Technical description

Foundation on massive, floor slab cellar in poly concrete and TPG walls, 90 percent of above grounds is prefab walls and vaulting/precast concrete slabs, only the cores will be TPG. All flat roofs with extensive eco roof. 6 stairwell, 3 lifts, etc.
Apartments7.345 m²
Offices3.845 m²
Day care centre 1.500 m²
Trade area 1.290 m²
Underground parking6.000 m²

Building physical data

Total surface:24.000 m²
Number of levels:parking / +5
Parking:3.030 m²
Surface per level:2.700 m²
Excavation:12.400 m³
Concrete:3.300 m³
Reinforcement:600 tonnes
Brickwork:190 m³
Prefab walls:7.000 m²
Industrial floors:3.000 m²
Roof cladding:5.300 m²
Plastering:5.700 m²
Glazing:1.900 m²
Vaulting & TT elements:13.000 m²
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