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Tuc Rail
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Gen Hoeilaart

Bedding expansion


Regional Express Network. Construction of a third and fourth track and increasing the speed to
160 km/h.
Civil engineering works Hoeilaart bedding expansion outside Sonian Forest.
The works are located between Nilleveld street and the bridge across the ring in Groenendaal.


Date order 18-11-2010
Date subscription 22-06-2010
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 19-01-2011
Delivery 28-12-2012

Technical description

Expansion of bedding in excavation and elevation or by means of viaducts.
Creating two stations (in full or in part) and surrounding area works (and minor road works).
Construction of access routes to the platforms.
Construction and expansion of underpasses.
Cable works.

Building physical data

Excavation:85.000 m³
Concrete:28.000 m³
Reinforcement:2.300 tonnes
Steel:600 tonnes
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