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Stedec nv
De Munt – Gebouw D De Munt – Gebouw D De Munt – Gebouw D De Munt – Gebouw D

De Munt – Gebouw D


Construction of a carcass


Construction of a wind and watertight commercial carcass with apartments above “Building D of the De Munt project” in Roeselare.


Date subscription 13-09-2012
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 01-09-2013
Delivery 31-08-2014

Technical description

Building D will be built on an existing parking garage built by Van Laere. This regards a carcass with a maximum of 5 levels.

Building physical data

Total surface:7.640 m²
Number of levels:6
Concrete:2.600 m³
Reinforcement:238 tonnes
Vaulting & TT elements:380 m²
Precast concrete panels:6.200 m²
Roof cladding:3.100 m²
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