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Underground car park


Construction of underground car park consisting of a public rotation car park as well as private
parking spaces/boxes.
The car park will be built according to the “open excavation” method, realising carcassing, technical works and finishing works.


Date order 01-06-2010
Date subscription 09-04-2010
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 14-06-2010
Delivery 02-04-2012

Technical description

Realisation of underground car park complex consisting of 2 levels
- 200 spaces: rotation parking
- 400 spaces / private boxes Soil mix and open excavation.
Columns - beams - walls realised on site.

Building physical data

Total surface:14.400 m²
Car park:15.000 m²
Demolition works:500 m³
Excavation:53.000 m³
Concrete:8.922 m³
Reinforcement:1.000 tonnes
Vaulting & TT elements:4.606 m²
Formwork:20.580 m²
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