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Bureau Bouwtechniek
Herman Teirlinckgebouw – Brussel Herman Teirlinckgebouw – Brussel Herman Teirlinckgebouw – Brussel Herman Teirlinckgebouw – Brussel

Herman Teirlinckgebouw – Brussel



Design & Build a multifunctional office building for the Flemish Government.


Date order 02-04-2015
Date subscription 04-09-2013
Executed by 100% Van Laere nv
Start 09-04-2015
Delivery 31-07-2017

Technical description

Semi high-rise building with a 2-level underground car park. The building is founded on screw piles, 51 cm in diameter, length approx. 22 metres. De structure comprises concrete cast on location and a prefab framed construction with internal stability cores (staircases and shafts), pillars, beam vaulting, prefab concrete panels, and semi prefab facade shell De exterior facade is a is a brick facade built in a specific pattern with integrated prefab concrete window bucks backed by aluminium exterior joinery.
Concrete27.000 m³
Reinforcement2.800 tonnes
Vaulting31.000 m²
Prefab concrete panels28.000 m²
Screw piles855 pieces

Building physical data

The programme of De Meander comprises offices, reception rooms, auditoriums, information and exposition space, a lounge, a restaurant and an underground car park with 2 parking levels. With a view to an attractive work environment, the architect chose to design a building of no more than 6 floors. The volume starts at the Brussels Canal as a horizontal low-rise building and ends in a 60 m high tower. This should make the building a distinguishing element in the Brussels skyline. The building has a sustainability level of 4 stars by the standards of the 'Handboek waardering Kantoorgebouwen' and an E-level of only E34. This complies with the Flemish definition of an almost energy-neutral (BEN) building. It is a passive building design that meets the standards for passive building implemented in 2015 in the Brussels-Capital Region
Total surface66.500 m²
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