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Construction of a rest and nursing home


Construction of a closed carcass, wind and watertight that will function as a rest and nursing home. Possibility of expanding with service flats. Total of 99 rooms.


Date order 05-04-2012
Date subscription 03-04-2012
Executed by 75% Alg. Aann. Van Laere 25% Thiran
Start 02-05-2012
Delivery 30-11-2012

Technical description

Structure on footings (solid ground) with bearing brickwork and vaulting to support intermediate flooring. Façade will be finished with a combination of façade brickwork, glass surfaces and zinc cladding. Flat roofs with PVC water sealing.

Building physical data

Total surface:8.388 m²
Gross volume:29.358 m³
Surface per level:1.785 m²
Concrete:1.764 m³
Formwork:3.734 m²
Brickwork:1.261 m³
Roof cladding:1.758 m²
Glazing:1.300 m²
Vaulting & TT elements:8.388 m²
Number of levels:3-4
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