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Constucting a Distribution Centre with Ancillary Offices


Construction of a floor plate for a distribution hall of apporox, 24,500 m² including an office socialising area, technical section, car sevicing area, petrol station and paper press.


Date order 07-08-2008
Date subscription 09-07-2008
Executed by 100% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv
Start 01-09-2008
Delivery 01-09-2009

Technical description

The foundation consists of pile heads with prefab beams on top, covered by wide slab flooring with a concrete finish of approx.14 cm.
Office with a roof made of wooden ribs and roof tiles.
Partial finishing of the office and socialising area ( coating, plastering, flooring and tiling,wooden doors )

Building physical data

Groundwork excavation:12.644 m³
Groundwork filling:3.954 m³
Concrete blinding layer 5 cm thick:4.135 m²
Reinforced concrete:8.586 m³
Prefab concrete beams:1.108 m³
Wide floor slabs:23.633 m²
Reinforcement:780.645 kg
Reinforcement mesh:277.193 m³
Vaulting:1.475 m²
Brickwork:1.981 m²
Roof construction with plank ribs:41 m³
Roof tiles:1.025 m²
Thermal insulation:9.575 m²
Slab flooring:613 m²
Plaster works:1.521 m²
Wall tiles:735 m²
Door posts and wooden doors:45 stuks
Fire resistant door entities:9 stuks
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