Runway Realty nv


Montois + Atelier 2008

Study team:

Stedec nv
Airport Plaza Airport Plaza Airport Plaza Airport Plaza

Airport Plaza


Construction of an Office Building.


The project involves a building complex comprising two underground floors and five buildings above ground with nine, eight, seven, five and three aboveground floors respectively, and a technical floor in each building.


Date order 02-07-2008
Date subscription 25-04-2008
Executed by 50% Alg. Aann. Van Laere nv 50% Democo
Start 04-08-2008
Delivery 06-07-2010

Technical description

The five aboveground buildings form a semi-circle, their long facades all pointing towards a central courtyard.
There are buildings both in the outer and inner circle, almost across the entire semi-circle. All floors above ground as well as two stair cases from the car parks give on to the gallery-shaped inner circle. Office space has also been provided across two floors of the outer semi-circle. The building is a concrete skeleton construction. Each building above ground comprises a concrete rigid core of fire escapes, a sanitary centre and lift shafts. The technical levels are composed as part steel structures with a steel facade.

Building physical data

Hot air circulators and cooling beams control the interior climate of the building. To limit overheating and noise from the motorway, a semi-transparent screen will be built in front of the south-facing buildings. At every floor above ground, the electrical provisions run across the entire surface beneath an elevated floor. In view of the immediate presence of the national airport and a motorway, the acoustic resistance of the outer facade is given specific attention.

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