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Open Site Day 2015

Van Laere sites attracted a grand total of 4,700 visitors and no less than 3 ministers, 1 state secretary and 1 governor during Open Site Day.

4 Van Laere sites took part in Open Site Day:

– The school of Sint-Lievenspoort (BuBaO) in Gent was honoured to receive visits from the Flemish Minister of Education Hilde Crevits and Mr Jan Briers, Governor of East Flanders. This renovation project is being carried out as part of the programme Schools of Tomorrow and involves a cloister being transformed into a school.

– The A11 motorway in Bruges, for which Van Laere is part of a consortium, was visited by Geert Bourgeois – Flemish Minister President, Hilde Crevits – Flemish Minister of Education and formerly of Public Works, and Bart Tommelein – Federal State Secretary for the Fight against Social fraud, Privacy and the North Sea.

– Karel De Grote University College in Antwerp.

– Residential care home Acacia at Regatta on Antwerp’s Left Bank.