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New 3D laser scanner achieves phenomenal results

Van Laere has recently acquired a new 3D laser scanner: the Leica p40. Generally speaking, new equipment is always better. But with this device that would be an understatement. The laser scanner allows us to compose an incredibly detailed digital representation in 3D. The device transmits 1 million signals per second, resulting in a ‘point cloud’ which, by applying colour, resembles an image. The digital file subsequently serves as the basis for various other programmes.

Land surveyor Filip D’Hanis couldn’t be more enthusiastic: “The P40 marks a true revolution in the industry. It enables us to create digital simulations which proactively and hypothetically provide us with a lot of information. The provision of this device does not make Van Laere unique, but does propel the company to the forefront of the industry in Belgium. I am therefore thrilled to be working with it.”

The images below are no pictures, but the result of a 3D laser scan with our Leica P40.