Our organisation is convinced that all accidents and incidents can be prevented

We have set ourselves a target of “zero accidents”



The Van Laere Group wants to present itself as one of the most pioneering companies in the area of safety, vitality/health, environment, quality and customer focus. We are therefore convinced that to this end, an integrated approach is self-evident in the overall business operations. Safety, vitality/health, environment, quality, also called HSEQ within our company (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) and customer focus will be considered equivalent with respect to the other policies at the company.
To achieve this goal a dynamic management system has been introduced which is integrated within the overall policy of the company. This management system describes all the principles needed to comply with laws and regulations, optimising internal and external customer satisfaction and striving for continuous improvement of safety, health, environmental and quality matters and this in accordance with the requirements of our clients and all relevant stakeholders to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Priorities herein are:

  • Preventing damage to people, installations and the environment
  • Safety, health, environment and quality are a line management responsibility
  • Involvement of all our employees is essential
  • Equal rights and opportunities
  • Striving for continuous improvement

This policy is also made clear by our nine corporate values:

  • Safe working environment
  • Being proud of achievements
  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Customer focus
  • Financially healthy
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Respect for all
  • Learning organisation

To display the message in a clear and structured format we opted to make use of a logo. With this logo, which includes our four values and which we use as a base for our whole campaign, we aim to to increase the visibility and accessibility.
It will also crop up regularly during training sessions, posters, etc … The aim is to work together on safety and quality, anytime, anywhere.
We will attempt to make sure that employees acquire their own safety and quality reflex and as such increase safety awareness even more and prevent accidents, incidents and failure costs.
Tools to support the campaign are toolbox meetings, posters, Valariaantje, education and training, etc … All staff are involved in this campaign.


bol veiligheid  SAFETY



Van Laere promotes safety. The protection of our employees and third parties from adverse events as a result of company activities is a necessity and thus constitutes an integral part of corporate policy.
The work carried out entails specific risks which relate to the employee, the employer, to third parties as well as on the customer. The aim is therefore to control these risks



bol kwaliteitQUALITY

Quality management within Van Laere is fully integrated in our care system. We know that quality is not self-evident, but that it must be planned from the beginning. Experience shows that the most successful relationships between Van Laere and its clients are those where the relationship is minutely, clearly and completely defined.

Our quality system’s goal, to which everyone contributes at his level in our organisation, is to strive for continuous improvement of our processes and to strive for customer satisfaction.

bol gezondheidVITALITY/HEALTH

Van Laere believes strongly in healthy and enthusiastic employees and therefore pursues an active and lasting vitality and health policy where healthy working and healthy living intertwine. Within our company culture we have taken measures to increase motivation and job satisfaction. This by paying attention to a healthy worker in a healthy work environment but also by creating opportunities for healthy food, exercise, etc …







Van Laere pays much attention to the conscious dealing with environmental issues, prevention of pollution, compliance with environmental legislation and continuously improving this matter. Therefore, we consider the care of the environment as an integral part of our business operations. Together with all our stakeholders, we make efforts to improve our environmental performance and reduce our environmental impact structurally.
Every year we draft an overview of our environmental performance. This report is available by simple request.


CO₂ Performance Ladder

Sustainable and responsible enterprise

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s responsibility for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment thanks to transparent and ethical behaviour.

CSR aims systematically for economic (Profit), social (People) and environmental (Planet) improvement. These three dimensions have an influence on each other, are complementary and sometimes conflict. One of the biggest challenges is to find a balance.

CSR also means that your company takes its responsibility for the impact of the company’s activities on people and the planet.

In terms of the planet, Van Laere is undertaking various activities:

  • In a number of our projects (sites) we make use of BREEAM. This is an instrument to measure and assess the sustainability of new and existing buildings, areas and demolition projects.
  • Van Laere operates according to ISO14001 and holds the certificate. This is the internationally-recognised standard that defines an environmental management system. The environmental management system is used in developing an environmental policy to suit the organisation and to safeguard its implementation.
  • Finally we are working to rationalise energy consumption and on waste management, allowing us to reduce our CO₂ emissions.

The CO₂ Performance ladder helps in reducing CO₂:

Within operations, projects and the chain there are still many gains to be made from energy savings, efficient use of materials and sustainable energy. The CO₂ Performance ladder is the ideal instrument to help companies reduce their CO2 emissions.

The aim of the CO₂ Performance ladder is:

  • to encourage companies to know both their own CO₂ emissions and those of their suppliers
  • to continuously search for new ways to reduce emissions caused by the company’s operations and projects. The ladder then encourages companies to
    • effectively carry out the measures
    • openly share the knowledge acquired
    • work together with colleagues, knowledge centres, social parties and authorities to actively find new and common ways to reduce emissions even further.


Van Laere measures its performance on the CO₂ performance ladder by calculating a carbon footprint based on its energy flows, such as fuel and electricity, waste, etc.


In its efforts to limit global warming, Europe has set a challenge for its members with the introduction of the 20-20-20-plan. One of its objectives is to increase the EU’s share of energy consumption from renewable sources to 20%. Van Laere is also taking its responsibility in this field.

Van Laere has identified the most significant energy flows and potential for energy reduction and is evaluating energy consumption based on how much this contributes to an improvement in our energy performance.

All measures are described in writing and focus mainly on the sites (projects) and the company’s headquarters.

Van Laere’s energy objectives are quantified by a reduction in CO₂ of 40% by 2022, compared to 2015.


Van Laere is transparent in its communication with internal and external stakeholders. Information about the reduction policy and progress in the reduction objectives is reported at the appropriate time. All activities, resources and relevant documents related to the achievement of written objectives are put in writing and are publicised on an annual basis on e.g. the website.

In addition, a 6-monthly update shall be given on the current state of affairs.


Van Laere participates in a variety of sector initiatives related to energy and CO₂ reduction. These include the ADEB-VBA Green Board.

More information about the CO₂ performance ladder can be found on the website of the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business – SKAO (https://www.skao.nl/home_en).


Van Laere believes in a team full of passion and pride with results as objective. We achieve this through an interaction between the individual and the company, taking on ownership, optimum cooperation, as well as the physical, mental and social happiness of every employee.