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CO2 - Performance Ladder

On the environmental front, Van Laere is taking several actions:

  • For a number of our projects, we rely on BREEAM, a tool to measure and assess sustainability across the board.
  • We are certified to ISO14001 standards and therefore use this environmental management system to develop an appropriate environmental policy and to ensure its implementation.
  • Finally, we are working on rational energy consumption and waste management so that we can reduce our CO₂ emissions.

For this last action, the CO₂-Performance ladder is the appropriate tool, with the aim of:

  • encouraging companies to know their own CO₂ emissions and those of their suppliers
  • constantly looking for new ways to reduce emissions from their own operations and projects

In this context, we are also taking responsibility and have identified our most significant energy flows and energy reduction opportunities.

Van Laere is transparent in its communication on the reduction policy and the progress of the reduction objectives to its internal and external stakeholders.

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