General Contractors Van Laere started its construction activities in January 1938 in Zwijndrecht, in the immediate vicinity of the city and port of Antwerp.

At the beginning, its activities were limited to building homes and apartment buildings. Later on the company added ground and road works and a number of hydraulic engineering and industrial works to its portfolio.


Turnover increased steadily over the years, the construction of hospitals and the implementation of civil engineering projects contributing significantly to our growth. As early as 1948 we received the highest class 8 recognition in the buildings category.



From that moment onwards, Van Laere prospered at its premises in Zwijndrecht and was able to establish company divisions to provide support to the activities at the building sites. We thus created and expanded iron bending, joinery, and prefab concrete divisions, as well as a maintenance workshop and a metal construction workshop.


A new dimension

A whole new dimension was added to Van Laere N.V. in 1989 when the company was taken over by the listed, diversified groupĀ Ackermans & van Haaren. With the support from parent company Ackermans & Van Haaren, in the years that followed Van Laere was able to grow into a construction group that now ranks among the top construction companies in Belgium. Our construction activities currently include residential and office buildings, hydraulic engineering works, large infrastructure works, underground parking lots and parking buildings, industrial projects for the base industry, chemical and petrochemical industry and environmental projects involving the incineration of domestic and industrial waste.

Welcome to the CFE family!

2018 is a new milestone in the history of the Van Laere-group (being Algmene Aannemingen Van Laere, together with its subsidiaries Groupe Thiran SA and Arthur Vandendorpe NV). From then on, the entire construction group became a member of the CFE Familie, without losing its own individuality! Both groups will continue to operate under their own existing brand names. The managing director of the Van Laere group, Manu Coppens, represented our group as a member of the executive committee of CFE Contracting

The future
Ready to face the challenge

General Contractors Van Laere NV participates increasingly in new types of contracting, providing input for the design, realisation, operation and maintenance of large-scale projects. The collaboration with various partners in the area of concepts, operations, maintenance and funding is becoming ever more important in this context.

Building contractor group Van Laere is ready to face the challenge of the coming decades and position itself as a reliable and innovative building partner in the realisation of construction projects for private as well as public clients.